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New Zealand




On average Motueka has 2,400 hours of sunshine, where lazing in the sun and being in the outdoors is a lifestyle celebrated in this busy, vibrant town. Fruit picking season is an especially busy time, and the town becomes abuzz with visitors. Stroll through the town’s quaint museum, take a leisurely walk along the waterfront, take a look at the arts and crafts created by an artistic community, or pop into the converted church and enjoy a delicious meal, or any one of the many eateries.

Experience Riwaka Resurgence with its magnificent waterfall where the water emerges from a subterranean marble cave of pink limestone. Relax while listening to the native birds and dipping your feet in the creek, while having a bite to eat. It is good to note the water is subterranean and can be incredibly cold, however looking on at the large marble boulders; and flora such as the Totara’s, and Pungas, the crystal clear pools, makes it a magical place to be standing in.

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