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Vacationing in Canterbury promises to bring you a great holiday experience with its natural beauty and attractions. To ensure it all the more Canterbury Travel Guide gives you all the necessary and up to date information you need for your tour so that you can travel without hassles, and make the best of it, without wasting time and money.

The wonderful Canterbury region spreads over forty-five thousand square kilometers offering many attractions such as two wonderful national parks, untouched glacial lakes, five conservation parks; rich and abundant natural wildlife; stunning snow covered ski fields, majestic Southern Alps, Alpine trails, a marine mammal sanctuary, a marine reserve, whale watching tour, white water raftingand the City of Christchurch.

If ‘The Lord of the Rings’ is what excites you, then you are at the right place as this incredible region has many interesting hobbit treks to offer. Be knowledgeable about Canterbury tourism through the comprehensive Canterbury Travel Guide and cover the best of Canterbury.

Canterbury is many worlds within one region. With the help of Canterbury Travel Guide pick the ones you would love to explore!

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