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Wellsford is a rural town located north of Auckland, known for its agricultural heritage and friendly community atmosphere. The town serves as a gateway to the Kaipara Harbour and the Mangawhai Coast, offering a range of outdoor activities.

The town centre features a variety of shops, cafes, and community facilities. The Wellsford Country Show, held annually, showcases the region’s agricultural products and livestock, providing visitors with a fun and educational experience.

Outdoor enthusiasts can explore the nearby Kaipara Harbour, which offers excellent fishing, boating, and bird-watching opportunities. The Mangawhai Heads and Te Arai Beach are popular spots for surfing, swimming, and beachcombing.

Wellsford is also home to several parks and reserves, including the Albertland Heritage Museum, which provides insight into the area’s history and heritage. The town’s friendly community and rural charm make it a great place to experience New Zealand’s countryside.

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