Taxis & Shuttles in New Zealand

While companies like Uber and Ola have gained significant traction in New Zealand, taxi services and shuttles are still a common feature in New Zealand cities, especially within the CBD districts and airport terminals.

With a wide range of options from shuttle services, to taxicabs, to airport shuttles, to minibuses or even limousines, there are a number to choose from to suit your needs and budget.


Taxis are a middle of the range- expensive option in New Zealand, depending on your drop off and pick up locations.

Because the taxi meter rolls over continuously, regardless of traffic lights, traffic jams, or roadworks, what may only be a 10-minute drive across town can very easily be turned into a long journey - and an expensive ride.

However, reputable cab services such as Blue Bubble Taxis, Corporate Cabs, and Alert Taxi do make for a pleasant and professional transport service, and when in a large city, are often a faster and more convenient option than ordering an Uber.


Shuttle services are a great option in New Zealand if there is a group of you wanting to go somewhere specific. 

While the initial cost may seem a bit pricey, when you divide the flat rate between a group of 8-10 people, it actually turns out to be a very economical transport option - especially when going to the airport.

Most airport shuttle services operate 24/7, transporting those who live further out of the city to the airport for early bird flights.

Top tip: To make the most of this service, make sure you book in advance, and confirm with the shuttle service the day before your airport shuttle service is scheduled.

Minibus & Limousines

Minibus and limousine hire is a less common occurrence in New Zealand, but are a great option for a special occasion or road trip with a group of people.

With limousines being a popular option for teenagers on their way to the school Formal, it’s best to book them well in advance of the Formal season to reduce the risk of missing out!

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