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Hamilton Gardens Hamilton Gardens
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Whether you want to stop in for an hour or a day, there is something for everyone at Hamilton Gardens. These stunning gardens have been designed and created to tell 'The Story of the Garden' beautifully and sympathetically. Wandering through the Chinese Scholar's Garden at Hamilton Gardens is a journey of discovery. Above the Garden's tiled entrance way, the bold red Ting Pavillion seems within easy reach to the Chinese Scholar's Garden. Take your time to get to it and you will be well rewarded. A rainbow coloured Persian carpet of flowers spreading out from a distinctive chalk coloured Pavilion - this is the image of the Char Bagh that has become an iconic image of Hamilton Gardens. The 'Char Bagh' or 'enclosed four part' garden was the original Paradise Garden. The Japanese Garden of Contemplation follows ancient rules of landscape design to create a calm, restful space. Take some time to contemplate the carefully laid out arrangements from your seat in the Abbott’s Quarters, and after a moment you will feel your mind relax into the serene, peaceful landscape. Whether it be from the inspiration of the ancient Greek and Roman, Medieval or Islamic - Italian Renaissance gardens are soaked in myth, tradition and history. You can see your first hint of it in the impressive bronze wolf at the entranceway to the Italian Renaissance Garden at Hamilton Gardens. Hamilton Gardens is located on State Highway 1, just south of central Hamilton in the North Island of New Zealand. Access from Cobham Drive by either Gate 1 or 2 will take you directly to parking near most of the main facilities. During the weekends you are more likely to find plenty of parking from Gate 2.
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Cobham Drive Hamilton City, Waikato (Direction)

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