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A good place. A Eutopia. Here at Café Eutopia, all our endeavours are eutopian, which is why we serve delicious food, refreshing organic fruit juices and the best coffee north of anywhere. Our vision is to create an inspirational, 'renaissance' environment to delight, feed, entertain and inspire people of all ages with new possibilities for themselves and their communities. The 'renaissance' vision means to us the valuing, celebrating and harmonizing of all the levels of being human, from the biological through the social, intellectual and spiritual. So Eutopia within its ship-like walls will have gardens, café, restaurant, ballroom, stage, labyrinth and round table for ceremonies such as festivals and weddings, an 'ivory tower' library and conference room - in short, we want it to be a 'microcosm' of our ideal culture!
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Café Eutopia Kaiwaka Village, State Highway 1, Kaiwaka, Northland Kaipara District, Northland (Direction)

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