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New Zealand


The Gateway to the Far North



Situated in the heart of the Far North, Kaitaia is a vibrant and welcoming town that serves as the gateway to some of New Zealand's most breathtaking natural attractions. From the crystal-clear waters of Ninety Mile Beach to the sacred forests of the Aupouri Peninsula, Kaitaia is the perfect base for exploring the untamed beauty and rich cultural heritage of this extraordinary region.

A Hub of Culture and History

Kaitaia has a long and fascinating history that is deeply intertwined with the story of the Far North. The town is situated in the rohe (territory) of the Te Aupōuri, Ngāti Kahu, and Ngāi Takoto iwi (tribes), who have inhabited the area for centuries. Today, Kaitaia is a melting pot of Māori and Pākehā (European) cultures, with a strong sense of community and a vibrant arts and music scene.

One of the best places to learn about the town's rich cultural heritage is the Te Ahu Centre, a multi-purpose facility that houses a museum, library, cinema, and performing arts centre. The museum features exhibits on the history and traditions of the local iwi, as well as the early European settlers who made Kaitaia their home.

Another important cultural site is the Taute Marae, a traditional Māori meeting ground that is open to visitors by appointment. Here, you can learn about Māori customs and protocols, take part in a pōwhiri (welcome ceremony), and experience the warmth and hospitality of the local community.

Gateway to Natural Attractions

While Kaitaia itself is a charming and interesting town, its real draw is its proximity to some of the most stunning natural attractions in New Zealand. Just a short drive west of Kaitaia is Ninety Mile Beach, a seemingly endless stretch of pristine sand that is actually closer to 55 miles long. The beach is a popular spot for swimming, surfing, and fishing, and is also home to the famous Te Paki Sand Dunes, where you can try your hand at sandboarding or take a thrilling ride in a dune buggy.

To the north of Kaitaia is Cape Reinga, the northernmost point of New Zealand and a place of great spiritual significance for the Māori people. The cape is believed to be the place where the spirits of the dead depart for the afterlife, and is marked by a iconic lighthouse that offers stunning views of the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

Other natural wonders in the area include the Herekino Forest, a lush subtropical rainforest that is home to a variety of native bird species, and the Aupouri Peninsula, a remote and rugged area of stunning beaches, dunes, and wetlands.

Adventure and Activities

In addition to its natural attractions, Kaitaia and the surrounding Far North region offer a wide range of adventure activities and experiences for visitors of all ages and interests. The town is a hub for hiking and cycling, with a network of trails that wind through the surrounding hills and forests. The Herekino Trail, for example, is a popular multi-day hike that takes you through the heart of the Herekino Forest, with stunning views of the coastline and the opportunity to spot native birds and other wildlife.

For those who prefer to get out on the water, the Far North is a paradise for fishing, kayaking, and boating. The Ninety Mile Beach is a popular spot for surf casting and beach fishing, while the sheltered waters of the Mangonui Harbour are perfect for kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding.

If you're looking for a more adrenaline-fueled experience, the Far North has plenty to offer. The Sand Safaris tour, for example, takes you on a thrilling ride through the Te Paki Sand Dunes in a purpose-built dune buggy, while the Waitangi Mountain Bike Park offers a network of challenging trails for riders of all skill levels.


With its vibrant culture, fascinating history, and easy access to some of New Zealand's most stunning natural attractions, Kaitaia is a must-visit destination for anyone exploring the Far North. Whether you're a nature lover, a thrill-seeker, or simply looking for a unique and authentic Kiwi experience, this charming town and the surrounding region have something to offer. So why not make Kaitaia your gateway to the untamed beauty and endless adventures of the Far North? You won't be disappointed.

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